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Every business is in service to others. Your business has a vision, a mission and a PURPOSE to fulfill. OUR mission is to help you fulfill your mission through creating just the right type of website for your business.

Since 2000, Civic Site Design has worked with individuals & small business entrepreneurs to help them get their company's message across via their website. We sit down and really listen to our client's needs, incorporating that vision into a website that reflects their mission, their passion for their business, their life's work.

You may be doing it for your company, but your company's journey is YOUR journey. We don't work for companies - we work for YOU.

What We Can Do For You

Your One-Stop Shop for all your Small Business Needs We don't stop at making websites. We also provide our clients help with: Website Design - maintenance & updates Website Hosting‎ Social Networking Tutoring Group Classes Speaker at Meetings & Events Proofreading‎ Research‎ Electronic Newsletter Creation‎ Podcasting Services‎ Virtual Assistant Services and much more!

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